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When does cholesterol need to be treated

And to prolong life. A figure low enough to warrant treatment. Researchers calculate 28 people with existing heart disease or who when had a stroke would need to be treated for five years to prevent one death, like muscle pain, the benefits of healthy older people taking statins to prevent heart disease and stroke needs… Read More »

Thyroid Health & You: What You Need to Know

Learn about four common types of thyroid disease. January is Thyroid Awareness Month and a good reminder to check in on your thyroid health. Experts believe that as many as 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, but more than half of these people are unaware of their condition. It’s also important to… Read More »

How to tell if you need antidepressants

It is quite possible that you didn’t know exactly what lay ahead, and you may have made some mistakes or taken a while to reconcile yourself to the whole idea. If you came off antidepressants because you couldn’t deal with the side effects, and now find yourself in a pickle without them, it can feel… Read More »

Coping With Loss Of Hospital, Rural Town Realizes: We Don’t Need A Hospital

Eliza Oliver helps her daughter, Taelyn, step down from the exam table after her wellness check at Community Health Center. The child’s doctor, who worked at the now-closed hospital, has been given a medical scribe who takes notes. The visit this time seemed more “personal,” Oliver says.(Sarah Jane Tribble/KHN) This story also ran on NPR.… Read More »

Vitamins you need when you quit smoking

Call your doctor if you start smoking again. Try taking GABA, a calming neurotransmitter that could help reduce cravings. Gaining knowledge about mucus and congestion as I have both extremely bad. Fortunately, many ex-smokers have successfully quit the habit by changing their diet and lifestyle and trying alternative therapies. One study claims taking a vitamin… Read More »