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Hasbro wins Game of Life lawsuit

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — It appears Hasbro is the true winner of The Game of Life. The Providence Journal reports a Los Angeles federal judge ruled in favor of the Rhode Island-based toy company Friday in a lawsuit over who owns the rights to the popular board game. The widow of toy inventor Bill Markham claimed… Read More »

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the Cradle to Grave Phenomena – My Healthy Life Podcast: Episode 16

“A cradle to grave phenomena.” That’s how our subject matter expert in this episode of My Healthy Life refers to STDs. Not quite dinner table talk, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are indeed something that need to become more normalized in our conversations. Despite the common idea that teens or young people are more susceptible, STDs… Read More »

Pediatric Counseling Can Save A Child’s Life

Child Development and Pediatric Counseling Children go through stages of development, and when you are a parent, you’re naturally nervous as to whether or not your child is “normal” or “typically developing.” It’s not only physical development we’re talking about, but also emotional growth, which is why therapy can help children achieve crucial developmental stages.… Read More »