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Woman, 31, goes into anaphylactic shock after swallowing her partner's SEMEN

Woman, 31, with severe allergy to penicillin goes into anaphylactic shock after swallowing her partner’s semen ‘because was on antibiotics’  The unidentified woman began to vomit and struggle to breathe after fellatio The woman, from Spain, went to hospital with a suspected anaphylactic shock  She revealed she had an allergy to penicillin but denied having… Read More »

Tap Into Your Nurturing Instinct

Men are often known for the important quality of having a protective instinct when it comes to family. This drive hearkens back to the long-gone days when we stood guard against threats lurking outside our ancestor’s caves or when we wandered the prehistoric savannas. However, research has suggested men are just as capable of the… Read More »