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Japan sends plane to fly citizens home from China’s virus-hit Wuhan

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan sent a chartered flight on Tuesday night to Wuhan, the epicenter of China’s virus outbreak, to evacuate its nationals looking to return home, as the death toll from the new strain climbed to 106. FILE PHOTO: Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi delivers his speech during a press briefing with Indonesia’s Foreign… Read More »

Home remedies for premature ejaculation

Many males experience sexual concerns such as premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation occurs when someone has an orgasm very quickly or orgasms without control. Males with premature ejaculation may also have very little warning before their orgasm, so they may not be able to delay it. Premature ejaculation may lead to lower sexual satisfaction for both… Read More »

Can find male infertility at home

In can find male infertility at home of male infertility, a diagnosis of male infertility can be one of the hardest challenges a man can face. Infections to watch out for are STDs like HIV, and it occurs just before ovulation. But it’s important for both partners to be checked by a fertility specialist at… Read More »

Can i test my cholesterol at home

The tests we offer access to are not intended to diagnose or treat disease. The NHS health check is designed to spot the early signs can i test my cholesterol at home heart disease, who runs the FH Paediatric register? From everything I know, if you lower your cholesterol, order back issues and use the… Read More »

How to treat hair loss at home

Incidentally, one of the leading reasons for hair loss is having a damaged scalp due to dryness. And, as discussed in the International Journal of Biotechnology, rosemary oil has superior antibacterial and antioxidant properties, both of which lead to noticeable hair regrowth. The Journal of Dermatology published a study that found that onion juice overwhelmingly… Read More »

Genetics Home Reference: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Demontis D, Walters RK, Martin J, Mattheisen M, Als TD, Agerbo E, Baldursson G, Belliveau R, Bybjerg-Grauholm J, Bækvad-Hansen M, Cerrato F, Chambert K, Churchhouse C, Dumont A, Eriksson N, Gandal M, Goldstein JI, Grasby KL, Grove J, Gudmundsson OO, Hansen CS, Hauberg ME, Hollegaard MV, Howrigan DP, Huang H, Maller JB, Martin AR, Martin… Read More »