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The dangerous link between smoking and hearing loss

Smoking is a well-established risk factor for hearing loss. Studies have shown that time and again exposure to cigarette smoke–whether directly, secondhand, or even in utero–can have a big impact on a person’s hearing health. Smoking can contribute to poor health, including hearing loss. For example, Reuters News reported last year that smokers were 60 percent more likely… Read More »

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Pharma CEOs Walk Into a Congressional Hearing to Defend High Drug Prices…

The top executives of seven drugmakers appeared before the Senate Finance Committee to explain why prescription meds are “outrageously expensive,” as Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) put it, especially when compared with the prices of drugs in other countries. The result? Pharma leaders shifted the blame to the insurance industry and pharmacy benefit managers, NPR reports.… Read More »

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Award-winning celebrities with hearing loss

Ah, award season. A time where our favorite celebrities dress in designer fashions, walk the red carpet and accept recognition for the hard work they’ve put into entertaining us all. In celebration, Healthy Hearing would like to recognize a few others we believe deserve acclaim. In a world where image is everything and communication is… Read More »

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