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Finding Myself With Yoga

The addiction I had was eating away at my self-esteem, and there was very little about myself that I was happy about. January 8, 2019 by Mian Azhar Leave a Comment — Allow me to tell you a story. A few months ago, I found myself breaking down in the lavatory of an airplane I… Read More »

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Finding the right and most supportive desk chair for you

It wouldn’t make sense to buy an uncomfortable pair of shoes that you’re going to be wearing a lot, or drive your car with a seat that’s not adjusted to suit your body, yet many people opt to buy a desk chair because its cheap, looks good or for some reason other than how comfortable… Read More »

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Finding More Time For Exercise Through Simple Steps

No matter what diet plan you may move forward with, you will find that certain tips remain universally accepted. One of the most accepted options in the world of fitness is simple, it’s in regards to exercise. Every nutrition and dietary expert will talk about how you should factor in 30 minutes to an hour… Read More »

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