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A pill that mimics natural antibodies could fight many kinds of flu

Drugs inspired by antibodies could help us combat fluMIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images By Michael Le Page When the next flu pandemic comes, we may be better prepared. A pharmaceutical company has developed a conventional drug that mimics the effect of antibodies that are effective against a wide range of flu viruses. Conventional drugs are cheaper and… Read More »

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Brie Larson Just Shared a New Captain Marvel Fight Scene

Captain Marvel is just a month away from rocketing into theaters, giving us a big dose of 1990s nostalgia—and hopefully also providing an insight into how Avengers: Endgame will sort out the mess that Thanos created. The film will see Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers transformed into a superhero thanks to some extra-terrestrial shenanigans, and then… Read More »

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Democrats face major fight over Medicare expansion

Democrats now have another major healthcare overhaul proposal to weigh as they begin arguing in earnest about the post-Obamacare future: A proposal to let people enroll in Medicare beginning at age 50. The plan, which is being dubbed by its lead sponsor as “Medicare 50,” would allow people to buy into Medicare if they are… Read More »

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