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Will Chris Hemsworth Actually Be in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’?

Avengers: Endgame drew a pretty solid line under the last decade of Marvel movies, bringing Captain America, Black Widow and Iron Man’s respective stories to a definitive close. But one character’s journey was left purposely open-ended in the film’s final moments: Thor, the God of Thunder. Having spent much of Endgame getting over his defeat… Read More »

8 Ways Beer Is Actually Good for You

Everyday Wellness Who knew?! From helping your heart to fighting cavities, a daily brewski (or two) can boost your health. Move over, vino! Beer’s good for your ticker, too DimiSotirov/Shutterstock Is beer good for you? Well, it’s good for your heart, and there is science to back that up. Wine often takes center stage during… Read More »

Can you actually be 'scared to death'? The frightening ways fear can impact your body

Fear can cause your heart to race and your body to sweat. A wave of nausea may overwhelm you as your chest tightens and breathing becomes increasingly difficult. Some may appear faint — while others start to tremble. Many who experience these overwhelming sensations describe feeling “scared to death.” The popular phrase may sound dramatic, but… Read More »