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Jun 30, - The first usage of the word suppository goes back to in the Universal . In breastfed infants, it was shown that the average daily defecation frequency . Some studies were conducted in order to evaluate the compliance and . S, 10 mg. UK, 5, 10 mg. Suppository, Diazepam, D, 10 mg, Epilepsy. Read more about the prescription drug DIAZEPAM - RECTAL. Get emergency help if the person is having a seizure and you do not feel comfortable using tip (e.g., smaller tip for a child) and that there are no cracks around the syringe tip. Apr 28, - Diazepam (Valium) is a prescription drug doctors prescribe for treating may lead to birth defects and withdrawal symptoms in newborns. A typical adult dose of Valium to treat alcohol withdrawal may be 10 mg three to four.

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diazepam 5mg for dogs seizures during sleep

used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms in humans. In the veterinary clinic, it's used to treat seizures, pain, and urethral obstructions. . Valium is also unsafe in dogs with liver and kidney disease. Proper dosage and the guidance of your vet will help keep your dog healthy and safe. Apr 28, - Valium may also be prescribed to treat the symptoms of alcohol is also given to dogs, cats, and other animals to treat anxiety, seizures. Seizure disorders in dogs (and cats)- Spack Attacks phase animals often seem exhausted and sleep or may seem restless, pace constantly, walk in circles .. If unable to gain IV access can administer diazepam (mg/kg up to 2mg/kg max.